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With all the attention being lavished on an election that's still more than a year away, it's easy to forget that voters around the country will be heading to the polls this Tuesday. Here are three races to keep your eyes on.

Houston's anti-discrimination ordinance (aka the "bathroom bill")

What: Proposition 1, a referendum on the anti-discrimination ordinance passed by the Houston City Council in May 2014.

Endorsed by: Mayor Annise Parker, the Human Rights Campaign, the ACLU of Texas, the NAACP of Houston, the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and a number of local businesses.

Opposed by: A group of Houston-area pastors, the U.S. Pastor Council and Mike Huckabee.

Why it matters: Until last year, Houston was the only city in Texas – and the only major city in the country – that lacked an equal rights ordinance. Even Houston Mayor Annise Parker, the first openly gay mayor of a major U.S. city, wasn't aware of that fact until two years ago (more than a decade and a half into her career as a public official).

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