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HOUSTON - No city in the United States is growing faster in population than Houston. Newly released census numbers show our growth beat out several major cities, including Dallas.

One look at the construction in our area and you can tell we are growing. The U.S. Census Bureau says Houston and Harris County led the nation by adding more than 90,000 people. The fastest-growing part of our population are Hispanics.

"We are buying more homes. We are the future of Houston. So go Hispanics, so goes Houston. And we need to be a part of Houston and not silent in the community," Dr. Laura Murillo, president and CEO of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, said.

A luncheon for the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce packed the Hilton Americas in downtown Houston Thursday. It is the largest business luncheon in Houston. About 1,600 guests were there with dozens of companies showing off their services. Angelica Garcia-Dunn is growing her global logistics business.

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