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Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States denied the Obama administration from granting more than five million immigrants "deferred action" status, threatening to break up families and leaving millions of people already in the United States in limbo as it relates to their current immigration status. "The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is deeply disappointed in today's Supreme Court decision," said Chamber President & CEO, Dr. Laura Murillo. "Not only does this decision threaten to hinder the American economy - particularly in the Greater Houston region and the State of Texas, as a whole - it also puts millions of immigrants and their families in literal limbo as it relates to their status in this country." The decision, made via a 4-4 Supreme Court stalemate, denies quasi-legal status to millions of immigrants who are parents of United States citizens - including DREAMers - or green card holders. The decision also denies work permits for millions of immigrants and threatens the stability of the American economy, as well as the millions of immigrants currently in the United States. "The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is committed to promoting policies that strengthen our economy, empower Latinos, and encourage job growth in the region," added Murillo. "Study after study has illustrated the undeniable positive impact that immigration has had - and will have - on this country and this decision stands in the face of all that this country stands for." Today's Supreme Court decision comes during a pivotal Presidential election year where Americans will have a say in the future of the country. The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce encourages every American to get registered to vote and ensure that your voice is heard this November.