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Houston City Controller Chris B. Brown is increasing the diversity of his already diverse office with young Latinos taking senior leadership positions, including deputy controller and press secretary.

The controller hired press secretary Max Moll from the Greater Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, where he was chief of staff.

Brown also recently appointed Alexander Obregón as deputy city controller. In that position, he's the senior policy and financial advisor to the controller, overseeing operations and pension affairs.

Like Moll, Obregón has ties to the Hispanic Chamber (HHCC): He is an alumnus of its Emerging Leaders Institute.

"I believe that the diversity of our city is one of its greatest strengths," says Brown. He's a fourth-generation Houstonian married to attorney Divya Brown, a first-generation American of Indian origin.

Brown says that it's important to him that the controller's office reflects the diversity of the city. With Obregón and Moll, the office has now two Latinos among the nine senior-level staff at the executive level. Six of the ten are African-Americans, and one is Anglo.

Brown says that his commitment to diversity isn't "for diversity's sake — the people working in our office are the most qualified people for the job, no matter their background."

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