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Trump Team's Meeting With Latino Leaders Gets Mixed Reviews

It was billed as a "listening session," a chance for Latino leaders from across the country to sit down with members of President-elect Donald Trump's transition team and talk about the issues important to them and to their constituents.

Local Hispanic chamber head meets with Trump transition team

When national Latino leaders met privately with the presidential transition team on Tuesday, the head of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was there to make sure local concerns were addressed.

Leader of Houston Hispanic Chamber expresses disappointment to Trump team in D.C.

The president of the Greater Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Laura Murillo, told members of President-elect Trump's transition team on Tuesday that Latinos are disappointed by their lack of representation in the new presidential cabinet and at all levels of government.

President of Houston Hispanic Chamber Met With Trump’s Transition Team

The president and CEO of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Laura Murillo, had the opportunity to meet with President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team Tuesday morning in hopes of working together moving forward.