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Source: Houston Public Media; Posted on: January 20, 2017, 4:29 PM.

Dr. Laura Murillo had already met with Donald Trump’s transition team in recent weeks. She says it’s important for the country to unite, and ensure that everyone is included.

“With this administration more than ever, the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will continue the dialogue to represent the millions of Latinos. We will continue to be at the table. Our chamber has always worked with both sides.”

Dr. Murillo says there are many issues that are important to Houston because of its geographic location.

“NAFTA, trade, DACA, individuals who are Dreamers, the border, issues regarding health care, some of them impact Houston a little bit more than others. The Houston Chamber of Commerce wants to be part of bringing together people so we can move forward. Too much is at stake.”

President Trump is leading a divided country split between Americans enthralled and horrified by his victory. He says the transition isn’t just from one president to another, but also a transfer of power from Washington and giving it back to the people.

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