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Source: Houston Chronicle; By Ileana Najarro; January 25, 2017

The president of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce criticized the Trump administration's executive orders on immigration issued Wednesday, calling them alarming and not economically conservative.

The orders call for jump-starting the construction of a border wall between Mexico and the U.S. and cutting federal grants from so-called immigrant "sanctuary cities."

"While these executive orders were expected due to discussions from the campaign trail, they will still send shock waves through the Hispanic community," Laura Murillo, chamber president and CEO, said.

"The Trump administration has taken a very aggressive stance on immigration, and the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce urges the administration to take a more thoughtful, compassionate approach to its immigration policy," she added.

She noted that the topic of "sanctuary cities" must be left to states and municipalities, calling the executive order a case of federal overreach.

"This action could also lead to an irreversible – and dangerous – 'slippery slope' of authorities stopping Texas residents for no reason other than their perceived immigration status," she said.

While recognizing the importance of border security, Murillo said that the U.S.-Mexico border wall is "neither a realistic nor economically conservative solution to the issue," adding that Mexican leadership has already expressed reluctance to pay for a border wall. She called for a plan to be released detailing how American taxpayers would not be required to fully fund the wall.

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