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Full Show: Flooding In Kingwood, And Comparing Harvey To The Worst-Case Scenario (Sept. 14, 2017)
On Thursday’s Houston Matters, we preview the Houston Hispanic Impact Summit, we discuss the flooding recovery effort in Kingwood, and a Vietnam vet reconnects with a former enemy soldier he encountered during the war.
On Thursday’s edition of Houston Matters: DACA and Harvey will be front and center at tonight’s Houston Hispanic Impact Summit. The event is hosted by the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Chamber president and CEO Dr. Laura Murillo gives us a preview of tonight’s discussion.
Also this hour: We discuss how areas of north Houston, such as Kingwood, were hit particularly hard by Harvey, and we discuss the recovery efforts there. Then, we ask how Harvey compared to a fictional, worst-case scenario storm called Hurricane Isaiah that researchers were studying last year. And a Houston Vietnam veteran and doctor reunites with a patient he helped during the war — and he returns something very valuable.