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HOUSTON - The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce promotes business success in Houston but also advocates on behalf of issues important to the community such as immigration.

Laura Murillo, Ed.D., is the president and CEO of the Houston Hispanic Chamber and says they fight on a non-partisan basis and don’t care if the minds they change are Democrat or Republican.

“We’re not here to change your mind as to whether or not you believe we should have comprehensive immigration or not.," Murillo said. "What we are here to talk to you about are the numbers and the impact it’s going to have on your pocketbook. And guess what? This country cannot survive without the immigrant population.”

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Murillo also said she is proud of the diversity of the Hispanic Chamber Board which is 40 percent non-Hispanic, a fact she says represents the diversity of the city of Houston. She says during Hurricane Harvey, her organization showed its effectiveness not just for the Hispanic community.

“McDonald's, they’re on our board,” she said. “They made sure they got more than 9,000 meals over to the GRB immediately. UPS, another board member of ours, they made sure they got several of their trucks out there to help move water and different things. Our emerging leaders, they were out there rescuing people.”

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