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WATCH: Mayor Turner, Houston Hispanic Business Chamber urge Trump administration to help DACA recipients gain citizenship

HOUSTON — Mayor Sylvester Turner, the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and other local leaders gathered Monday afternoon to discuss the current status of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program at Houston City Hall.

DACA has been a point of immense political controversy for the past year and Houston officials have urged President Donald Trump and members of Congress to reach a deal for a path of citizenship for recipients.

“Houston is a welcoming city, but leadership in Washington is not representing our values on this issue,” said Lizzie Pannill Fletcher. “More than 120,000 DREAMers call Texas home, and nearly 70,000 of those individuals are right here in Houston. As long as John Culberson and the GOP leadership in Congress drag their feet on a solution, DACA recipients and their families will be living an uncertain future. We have to fight back against Donald Trump and Paul Ryan’s efforts to stifle the diversity and progress that have made our city and our country so strong.”

As published and broadcasted by CW39