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Knowledge is Power: On Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is a bit of mystery. It’s a simple concept, yet it is difficult to fully define. It’s an important goal, yet is a moving target. It’s an expected reality of most adults, yet it is not something that’s taught in primary or secondary schools. Financial literacy is mostly about knowledge, yet most people aren’t aware of the resources available to them.

Trump's proposed Mexico tariff flusters Houston businesses

The CNN news alert buzzed Janet Quezada's cellphone during lunch. She and her husband were discussing her dress shop, featuring quinceañera, bridal and formal dresses all imported from Mexico, set to open on Saturday. Quezada looked at her phone. President Donald Trump, the alert said, had just proposed a 20 percent tax on all imports from Mexico to pay for the border wall he's promised to build.

VIDEO: Houstonians protest against President Trump's plan to build border wall

President Donald Trump is now considering a plan that would impose a 20 percent tax on imports from Mexico to pay for a southern border wall.

Hispanic Chamber 'alarmed' by Trump's immigration orders

The president of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce criticized the Trump administration's executive orders on immigration issued Wednesday, calling them alarming and not economically conservative.