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Khambrel Marshall sits down with the University of Houston’s Hobby School of Public Affairs and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to identify the importance of Hispanics in our community

The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce partnered with the UH Hobby School for Public Affairs to dig deep into the demographics and earning power of the Houston Hispanic community.

“We’ve hosted CEO breakfasts to talk about this, the census, and other data because it’s fact-driven,” said Laura Murillo, Ed.D., President and CEO of the Houston Hispanic Chamber. “These are not opinions. It’s information that will help them as they make decisions about hiring, for their investments, for opportunities. That is a win-win situation.”

Jim Granato, Ph.D., Dean of the UH Hobby School of Public Affairs, is usually known for in-depth polling about a variety of political topics and people. This time, the Hobby School teamed up with the Hispanic Chamber to provide a thorough analysis of the impact and potential impact of the Hispanic community.

Dr. Granato says the youth and potential of the community stand out.

“Peak earnings doesn’t happen for another 20 years when they’re in their mid-60s,” Granato said. “But what you see is this group., This is the population that’s coming that’s going to drive the future of the city. They’re the ones”


As published by KPRC